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An overview on Street Art

Street Art:

Street Art as been a much debated form of art. As the following article explores, it is a complex topic. In recent years, it has been embraced as a form of art and has been used in lesson plans with regards to symbolism and artistic expression.

The following pages can be a resource for public libraries in educating a wide variety of audiences (keeping in mind that vulgar language can sometimes be displayed or spoken in the videos), developing an informed decision and/or greater knowledge or enjoying the art. The selection of information is in various forms, video, reading materials, suggestions of places to visit and even classroom planning so that a wide range of audience can be reached.

Photo taken by me on our Bowl of Chalk tour in London.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”


Ben Wilson

"Chewing Gum Artist Ben- Wilson - Mellenium Bridge" YouTube. published by Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films, 10 April 2015.

Ben Wilson is a street artist who paints on discarded chewing gum on sidewalks and streets. He has a great deal of art work on the Millennium Bridge in London.

The above picture was taken on our trip and was found on the Bridge.

The following Wiki link has further information about him and some of the articles about his craft.


Accessed 4 February 2018.