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Revolutionary War: Home

LIS-S621 Specto 2: Create a Pathfinder


The Revolutionary War is a vitally important event in American history. It marks the birth of our nation. American children begin learning about this war as early as elementary school. These students frequently come to the library looking for materials to help them write reports or complete projects on the Revolutionary War. To make their research easier, we have compiled a list of resources that we, the public library, have available for students to use when studying this important event in American history. While we obviously have many books on the topic, we also want to show students the various audio and video resources we have, as well. These resources can add more life and excitement to their research than they would normally find if they were solely reading books. Using a variety of resources helps students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a given topic than they would get if they only utilized one type of resource.


How Resources Were Chosen

Below is a list of criteria followed when selecting the resources included in this Pathfinder:

  • Age appropriate - created with young students in mind
  • Entertaining - able to keep the interest of these students
  • Educational - provide import information about the Revolutionary War
  • Accessibility - easily accessible to students through their public library

Accessibility of Resources

We wish to ensure that all students have access to the resources we provide. Thus, the resources included in the Pathfinder. We have tried to include as many accessible resources as we can. These resources have such features as captions and transcripts to ensure that those with auditory deficiencies can still benefit from these audio and video resources.