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School Readiness Before Pre-K & Kindergarten

There are several emotional, physical, and cognitive skills children are expected to learn BEFORE starting school. This LibGuide will provide parents in New Haven, IN with resources that will help them prepare their children for future academic success.


Skills Before Kindergarten

This list was compiled by the librarian, Alicia De Leon, from the Indiana Department of Education's "Indiana Early Learning Foundations" PDF. It does not include ALL of the state standards for Kindergarten Readiness. For the complete and official list, please visit:

Kindergarten Readiness Skills:
  • Preschool Readiness Skills
  • Knows address
  • Knows phone number
  • Recognizes upper case and lower case letters
  • Identifies the various sounds the letters represent
  • Hears similarities and differences in sounds
  • Recognizes and counts correctly 1-10
  • Matches numeral with correct quantity of items
  • Prints first name without copying
  • Ability to solve simple problems
  • Copies specific printed shapes or designs
  • Can compare and contrast
  • Identifies more difficult shapes
  • Identifies more difficult colors
  • Can tie shoes