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Scale Model Building -- A LibGuide: Home

An introduction and overview of Scale Model Building

Scale Model Building

Whether its Planes, Trains, Motorcycles, Automobiles, Ships, Military Armor, Figures, Space, or Science Fiction, scale model building is a hobby that has enthusiasts all over the world.  Is it an art?  A craft?  Maybe a little of both?

According to

“Scale modeling is the art and craft of creating scaled-down realistic replicas of original subjects for display.”

Okay.  That's nice.  But why do people do it?  There are many reasons, but the number one -- at least for me (I've been building scale model airplanes off and on since about the age of 11) is that it's a fun stress reliever that doesn't require an introverted soul like me to spend copious amounts of time around other people.  When every part of my attention at that particular moment in time is devoted to and focused on placing tiny detailed decals on the side of an airplane, everything else seems a million miles away, and that includes whatever may have been stressing me out during the course of the day or week.  I also get to play artist and work on finessing my fine motor skills, all while enjoying peace, quiet, and a comfy chair.

The following guide is intended as a resource in public or school libraries for not only those who are interested in learning more about getting started in this hobby but also for those who are already building and want to learn more or polish their skills.  The information shown in this guide is but a small piece of what is available in a wide variety of forms, from books to magazines (paper and online) to podcasts and how-to videos.  The beauty of this hobby is that it's open to anyone and everyone.

Photo of my most recent completed project, a 1/48 scale F-102 in Connecticut Air National Guard markings -- now on display in my living room

"There are many logical reasons for building scale models, but who needs a logical reason.  For many tens of thousands of people worldwide, it is just great fun.  Although it is by nature a solitary activity, there are plenty of model shows and clubs around, so you don’t have to go it alone.  If there is one thing better than making models, it is talking about them with other modelers."